Graphic Design Gallery – Our Artwork

Matrix Marketing designs many types of media for businesses of many diverse industries. All businesses need advertising to get started, and we know how to give you the extra “shove”. As a company that has experience in building businesses from the ground up, we understand what company needs to get the attention. Your company needs continuous traffic coming in and out of your business to keep a steady income. Our work, which you can see in our design gallery, showcases some of the printed materials we have worked on.

The samples you will see below include business cards, restaurant take-out menus and brochure samples. Our company also has examples of the projects we have completed with some of our clients. Projects are not the basic printing materials you can see below, but more elaborate jobs where we have to design, install and/or set up a type of advertising material for their business.

Matrix Marketing Design Gallery

~ Business Card Samples ~

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~ Restaurant Take-Out Menu Samples ~

~ Coupon Samples ~

~ Banner Samples ~

~ Postcard & Rackcard Samples ~

~ Brochure Samples ~

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